Unrighteous Laws

Served LDS Mission to Canada 1955-56, excommunicated from LDS Church 1969 for defending the teachings of  Jesus Christ,  the Prophet Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and  other early Prophets. A Shepherd speaks out on Unrighteous Laws

    Isaiah 4

    If the Legislators of the State of Utah have any backbone they will stand up for Freedom, they will reverse the laws on the books of the State of Utah by which the Governor and his little brother,  Utah County Persecuting Attorney Leavitt are prosecuting Tom Green for "bigamy" or "co-habitation". Are the LDS Church Leaders involved, in this persecution?  They have long been involved in persecuting "Polygamists". This is another matter for presentation.

     Every year on the 24th of July, since 1847 there is a big celebration in Utah and some surrounding States  commemorating the entering into the Great Salt Lake Valley of the Utah pioneers, led by Brigham Young and other leaders.  These men and women came to the valley of the Great Salt Lake for religious freedom.  The same freedom for which Tom Green is standing for today. A life style which is not for everyone, but never the less a life style which is upheld and practiced by many peoples of the Earth.  Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the early Biblical Prophets and Latter-day Prophets  Joseph Smith Jr. Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball John Taylor and a host of other men and church leaders including my Great-great grandfather would be charged as bigamists as is Tom Green, by the prosecuting / persecuting Utah County attorney Leavitt, and such men.

     It is time to get rid of the unrighteous laws which allows the persecution or prosecution of the founding fathers of the State of Utah, and men of the same beliefs.  When we accept the persecution or prosecution of men living today, for the same life style, we are persecuting  and slapping the face, and re-persecuting  the prophets, and our ancestors.  My Great-great grandfather William F. Rigby, the man for which Rigby, Idaho owes its name, served time in Utah State prison for "bigamy" or "co-habitation" along with other founding fathers.  It is time to quit persecuting those men and their descendents who stand for freedom.  The same freedom for which Tom Green is fighting and standing for. I and many others in the Western States, and yes even in the East there are people who believe in this "bigamy", "plural marriage" or "co-habitation" to use the term for which my ancestors were imprisoned in this "land of the free".  I must stand up and be counted as one for freedom against such persecution or prosecution for which the Prophets gave their lives.  I must stand up in defense of my ancestors and the founding fathers by standing up against this unrighteous law.  I must stand against the attempted break up of a dear family with special children.

    Tom Green has exercised  Free Speech in action.  There are few with similar beliefs who have been so vocal and before the TV and Press, demonstrating that a family containing several  women can work together around one man as their companion.  I must support him at least in print, for being brave enough, (though perhaps unwise in the estimation of many) with his women, to demonstrate a plural family in action.

    The Winter Olympics are soon to be held in Utah.  Let Utah stand for Freedom.  There are many nations and peoples which practice plural marriage, let us not disgrace them by having a law against their ways. Let us no longer have laws against a fair population of the State of Utah.  Until 1977-78 there was a law on the books of Idaho against "Mormons" or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints voting.  It was discussed in Idaho Legislature whether to allow all "Mormons" the right to vote legally, or to make a distinction to prevent polygamists from voting.  After some discussion it was decided that even polygamists could vote. Idaho reversed a law against a belief system.  Utah can do the same.  Will Utah get rid of this unrighteous law and stand for Freedom for all?

   Are there any good men and women who will stand with me for freedom?  If so let your voices be heard. I know there are some who have already voiced for this freedom, may more step forward!

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