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When there is a problem, why not fix the problem instead of attacking a side issue?

Subject: Abuse and unjust laws. Freedom of Speech. Plural union.

    When are we going to learn that government will never solve all of our problems! So very often government is the problem. People have to solve their own problems. Sure we all need help from time to time, and there is hardly ever a simple answer to a complex problem. People are complex and many faceted. Just like a cut diamond with many facets, problems dealing with people show a different color or face depending upon the angle at which you look at it.
    When there is an issue with child abuse, work at solving that special case, we cannot lump all abuse cases together, it is not the same people or issue creating the problem. Some examples to think about to bring out the point: If a mother is abusing her child, do you think it wise to attack all mothers and say that all mothers are bad, and outlaw or destroy all mothers? If a man abuses a child, do you think it wise to attack all men and get rid of all males? If a child is abused in a monogamous family, do you think it wise to pass laws and do away with monogamy, or marriage of man and woman? Then why if there is a child or woman allegedly abused in a polygamous family do people choose to use that banner to fight polygamous families? Why not look at helping the people look at their attitudes and actions, and work at solving the problem on a case by case basis. Perhaps there are drugs involved. Perhaps the root to the problem is excessive stress at work. Perhaps the people or person just have never learned to solve their own problems and always choose to blame some one else for what happens in their life. Many people refuse to take responsibility for their choices and actions. Say you have a woman, who is constantly getting married, and divorced, or just moving in with one man after another, maybe having a child or two and moving on. Is the problem that all men are bad, or does the woman need to look within and see what she is doing and look at her attitudes. The problem and solution is likely the same if the sexes are reversed.
   Marriage is a commitment. Commitment is a marriage. It is an agreed upon contract. Some people keep their commitments, some people do not, when people do not learn to overcome their own problems and children are involved society suffers. It seems that it is just part of life. If people will take responsibility for their own actions and always try to learn and do better we will create a better atmosphere around us. I am going to make a statement that all will not agree with, because of their background and experiences. "All true lasting marriages will be performed by the authority and sanction of God or the Eternal Ones, our Eternal Parents." Does this mean that there will never be a disagreement or divorce? No! If the ones involved are not committed to the learning experience, for the union of a man and a woman is a learning experience, it will not last without devoted commitment. If you harness two horses together, and they are constantly fighting one another and each trying to go their separate ways they will get no where, until they decide who makes the final decision, who is boss, who is dominant, who controls the situation, or agree to agree. To learn proper control, to learn to follow direction, to accept direction and learn to work together, to take responsibility for choices and actions, becomes the solution to many problems
   As I have stated in other publications am a descendent of a polygamous marriage relationship, (we all are, if we go back far enough in our ancestry.) as I have studied, and learned, I have found that the unions that work are where the ones involved, become determined to overcome self, and develop a selfless love. It is written that my great-great grandfather bought a floor covering for the floor of the log cabin of one of his wives. She would not allow it to be put in place on the floor until the other wives could have the same for their floors. This is an example, and does not always have to be this way, but there must be concern for one another. Since I have studied Celestial Plural Marriage, and have expressed my views for many years, I want to relate an experience. One day years ago, while working in a US Government installation, a young man who I was not aquatinted with came up to me and said: "I have a problem, and I have been told by some that you may be able to help me with it." I asked him to tell me about it and I would see what we could do. He related to me that he had married a woman, they had children, then she decided she did not want him anymore, and filed for divorce. He had met another woman with children and accepted her as his companion. He loved her as his wife, he loved her children and the children loved him. Then his first wife changed her mind, she decided he wasn’t such a bad husband after all, and wanted him back. He loved his wife and children, and he loved the second woman and her children and felt a commitment to all. He said it was becoming a drain on him traveling across town from one family to the other, whenever there was a problem to help solve, or wife or child who desired his attention. I asked if the two women knew about each other to which he answered in the affirmative. I asked if they got along together, to which he answered positively. I asked if they had considered a duplex, or homes closer together. I said one example I know of is where two sisters married to one man share a duplex. Some time later this much happier man came up to me and announced, we have solved our problem. "We sold both homes, bought a duplex, and have one happy family." Well, we might ask, was this marriage made in heaven? It did not come about because of religious study, it did not come about because of religious beliefs, or did it, was there a golden rule, was there commitment, was there love of God and Family? It seemed to come about because of unfortunate choices in breaking up a family, and a man desiring to be with woman and children, creating some problems. Then working to solve the problems. Two women who desired to have a man as husband, and children who desired a father came together as one family. Is it a miracle? In this age of rampant divorce, broken families, and disillusioned children, plural marriage seemed to be a viable solution.
   Just because there are some problems with some people involved with plural marriage or cohabitation, it dose not mean that all plural marriage is bad, any more than to say that because there are problems in monogamous relationships that all monogamy or all marriage is bad and should be forbidden.
    Please be practical, please help solve the problems of this earth, help unite people and families. Please do not contribute to more divorce and broken families. Please do not fight against the age old practice of plural families where women share experiences and children, and husband of their choice. Do not pass more laws, to restrict. Get rid of the unjust laws which limit choice.
    In 1977 in our neighboring State of Idaho, a problem was brought up in the legislature. There was a law on the books against Mormons, or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints voting. From the 1860’s to 1977 it was against the law for "Mormons" or LDS to vote in Idaho! The problem was discussed, should they make it legal for all to vote? Should they change the law to say that only polygamous people could not vote? There was debate in legislature. For years I carried the news clip from the Ogden Standard Examiner in my wallet about this unjust law. I had lived, gone to school, farmed and worked other jobs, and yes voted in Idaho for years, not knowing that it was against the law for me to vote! My father who had previously worked for the Utah State Tax Commission, who was also, according to laws on the books of the State of Idaho, voting illegally, called before the Idaho Legislature to present his views on sales tax from his experiences in Utah. For many years they were able to keep sales tax out of Idaho. Several years after 1977, I was in Heyburn, Idaho, while in conversation with a Idaho State Legislator I asked about the Bill concerning "Mormons" voting in Idaho, and he told me about the debate, that the Bill was passed making it legal for "Mormons" or LDS to vote and that there is no restriction against polygamists in the law.
     I believe it is past time to get rid of the unjust discrimination against people who practice plural marriage or cohabitation in the laws and Constitution in the state of Utah. It should not be against the law of the United States for people to practice their religious beliefs in relation to plural marriage. It should not be against the law for any man and women to join together as family of their choice. How can a Nation uphold rights of "homosexuals" and prevent the union of several women with the man of their choice which brings about children in a healthy family environment. Plural marriage has been practiced in many cultures from the beginning of time, and is still practiced in many countries today.
    The unjust laws of Utah against "Mormons" or against the eternal practice of plural marriage came about as a result of Politicians in the rest of the country fearing the political power of a united growing people in the Territory of Deseret, or the Territory of Utah. They made war against the "Saints". They used plural marriage which was not understood by them as the wedge to fight against, and break up the unity of the followers of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. They did a good job of breaking the back of the Church. Many people in the LDS Church were deceived because they did not want the truth. For political expediency, to become a State, concessions were made, unjust laws were written, people turned against the tenants of their religion. There was political division. People in church were divided down the middle, one half were told they were to be Democrats, the other half were told they were Republicans. There was deception all around. There were Church Leaders and others who were forced into living two lives, one life for a political image and the Church, and another for the sake of their religion and immediate family. President John Taylor often referred to as a "lion for the lord" died while in hiding, in the Rouche home in west Kaysville, Utah, while there he became married to the young woman who was caring for him. Earlier on the night of September 26-27 1986 while in the John Woolley home, he received a visit from Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith with a resulting revelation concerning plural marriage, which was never presented to the Church, yet well known by the Taylor, Woolley families and others. Young men in Idaho were excommunicated from the Church because they would not lie and denounce their religious beliefs, in order to register at the polls and vote. Federal Marshals, Judges and Governors sent out from Washington wanted and had their prostitutes. These same "skunks" fought against united families. Dragged husband and fathers away from wives and children, and did their best to destroy a united people.
    There are some people who will argue that there should continue to be laws against plural marriage in order to keep every tom, dick, and harry from entering into plural marriage. Some will argue that there must be the opposition by law to try and test a people to see how committed they are to their religious beliefs, and whether they will choose to obey God’s laws or the contrary laws of man. This person believes that a society which says in God we trust should have just laws which protect the rights of the people to live the laws of God as taught in the Scriptures. Nearly all ancient prophets and men of faith lived plural marriage. They had multiple wives. Or to put it in other words, several woman together declared the same one man as their husband.
    Indeed the prophet Isaiah foretold of these latter days: " And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach……" (Isaiah Chapter 4)
    Please uphold the right of Freedom of Speech, and the rights of women to choose a husband of their choice even if he is already married, where it is agreed by man and women involved.

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