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     Do you have an inquisitive mind? 
Many women complain that the man of their dreams will not listen, will not communicate. We are that we may have joy. Do you have joy? Are you open for discussion? Do you desire to communicate? Communication is important to me. Marital status unimportant for communication. I would like every woman to have the best companion she can have. 

     Greetings from a 5'8" blue eyed, silver blond haired Christian, Uncommon LDS / Mormon Shepherd. I enjoy fresh country air, uplifting music, dancing, conversation, gardening, animals, children, peace, truth, love, theology, and the search for truth. Am much younger/active, than the calendar shows, age is not important to me, I hope it is not for you either, choose to be ageless, eternally youthful, have been told I was born a slow blooming Capricorn, very active, a loving, caring person who has many and varied interests. Enjoy life with all of its challenges. This is my Joy: To love someone more dearly every day. Seek that special person who desires an Eternal Marriage and relationship with our Eternal Parents. Are you a thinker? Or do you want someone to do your thinking for you. I enjoy people who can think outside the box. For instance: I have often heard people ask how a man can love more than one woman, the converse, can a man or woman love more than one child? Sure! Why is there so much divorce? Why do some men leave their wife for a younger woman? Why do some women leave their husband for someone else? You probably have seen or heard of Tom Green and his dear wives and children on TV. I would like to hear your comments. Was Jesus Married? What do you believe? You see I am open for different conversation. How many women find that the man they are attracted to is already married? Is there a healthy solution. How many women divorce their husband, and then decide he wasn't such a bad Joe after all. Can you communicate, we all need friends. It is good if we can communicate without getting all up tight. I would like to hear from you. You may not find me attractive, but you may still respond, I will try to answer all emails. We will see how it goes. I always seek for better understanding. And You? Do you like lambs, baby llamas, kids, children,  would you, or do you like to be around them? email me.  Would you like to send photo of self?
I would like to hear from you special lady. Waiting for your   email.  

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