What do you know of Islam? Just as the Bible is not the only Word or Record of Gods Prophets  teachings, Muhammad is not the last Prophet, nor is the Quran  the last book or Record.   Why is it that almost every people think they are the only ones, and their record is the only truth?   From the Americas is the Book of Mormon, basically a record of a group of people who migrated from Jerusalem 600 years before Christ, and also tells of Christ's mission to the people on the Americas.  What or where are the records in India, Japan, the North Countries, .....etc.  All religions which started out as true revelation from Abba, teach a oneness, and teach peace.  The corruption has brought about division and war which is the opposite of the oneness, love, and peace taught by the Prophets.  Brigham Young a somewhat recent Prophet (1805-1877)  Recognized that the teachings of Muhammad,  and Islam, were more "Christian", than most Christians were practicing.  We need more love and understanding among peoples. Not more hatred and wars, please let us all think love and peace, and working together.   If we say we love God, and hate another being  the truth is not in us, we are liars.  The first commandment: Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, might, mind and strength, the second is like unto it;  Love thy neighbor as thy self.  Which entails loving ourselves as God loves us.    Love thy enemies, and they will no longer be your enemies.   

     Islam accepts Christ Jesus as Teacher / Prophet.  Christians and Jews, and all others, seek to recognize the true teachings of the Prophets to other peoples. Let us all learn to live what God has spoken through all his Holy Prophets since the world began. Not only to say, but to do according to that which is revealed and written.  Seek to know God, and seek to know his true Prophets.  There are living Prophets today.  True Prophets live as true Prophets before them lived.  God's laws are Eternal, they do not change.  His requirements are the same from generation to generation. In this you can trust the Living and True God.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  Christians would do well to live the code of modesty taught by Jesus and Islam.  Respect the sanctity of women.  Practice the love of God, not carnal lust.