The Desire of this Web Site is to help bring about a true unity, and understanding among all peoples. You may not agree with everything at this Site, but hopefully it will give you another perspective, perhaps greater understanding, and tolerance for others, which is our goal. This is a place of discovery, a place to defend Freedom, freedom of speech, a place to share uncommon knowledge concerning Christ Jesus, and defend the rights of all people to practice their religion of choice. The prophets and teachers of nearly all religions teach love and understanding, if all peoples would seek the truth and live their founding religion there would be more peace on earth. People should not be forced against their will. Women of whatever age should not be forced to marry someone they do not desire to marry.  Let truth prevail, may the great deceivers be known for what they are. There are no justified resentments. Send forth Love to all. I love you.

 We cannot be true to God  in condemning, arguing or contention, for contention is of the devil, the author of confusion, the evil one. Terrorism is not of God , or Ahman. Terrorism must stop! It will just continue to bring about much more death and destruction. Terrorism has started the destruction of Society, and must STOP!  In going back to our First Parents and God, we are all one family. Much of the World Trouble between the children of Abraham should not be. The Jews, Israel, Islam, Christians all are descendents of Adam Michael and Abraham the Father of the Faithful.

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Read This on John 3:16

The True Religion is that of God, The Eternal. He is known by different names, in the different tongues: Al, Abba, Father, I Am, The one True God, Michael (the Arch Angel), The Ancient of Days, Ahman. Just as Christ Jesus ( Son Ahman) is known around the world in places He visited by different names. Christ Jesus in speaking of the One True God, said I and my Father are one. I am in the Father, and the Father in me. God is through all beings and things. He is one, just as we his children should be one. Still Father,  Son,  Children, Holy Spirit (Testator - Revealing Spirit).   How many drops of water are in the ocean? We should be one just as the ocean of water is one. He has sent many Prophets to guide us His children: Moses, Noah, Isaiah, Abraham, Muhammad, Joseph, Brigham, John, Alma, Mormon, Zechariah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel; this is just a very small number of the many whom God has sent. The last one has not yet been sent. The last book, the last record of His dealings with us has not yet been published. The complete "Bible" or library of books is not yet. He continues to plead for Right-use-ness, among his children.  Where any deviate from that which is Revealed by God, we are not His in Spirit.  There are many misunderstandings, yet contention is of the Evil one, not of God the Father of all.  Seek the Knowledge of the One True God and His Son, Our Eternal Parents (Including our Eternal Mothers). Seek Wisdom by study and prayer.   Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.   Peace be unto you. 

The Desire of this Web Site is to help bring about a true unity, and understanding among all peoples. Turn, and look to God for all your understanding. There will be a Millennium of Peace. Who will have to be wiped out by God, through "Mother Earth" so that peace will prevail, will it be me, will it be you? Or, will you and I become one with the one true God (Good)? It must start some place.

You may not agree with everything at this Site, but hopefully it will give you another perspective, perhaps greater understanding, and tolerance for others, which is our goal. We hope you will find benefit here and invite your friends to visit our Site.

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