"Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharaisees they did not comfess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue:  For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God."  (John 12:42-43)

    "These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.  They shall put you out of the synagogues."  (John 16:2)

     "You cannot take any man's priesthood away without transgression."  (John Taylor, Times & Seasons 6:922)

    "The next day the Prophet came to our home and stopped in our carpenter shop and stood by the turning lathe.  I went and got my map for him.  'Now,' he said,  'I will show you the travels of this people.'  He then showed our travels thru Iowa, and said,  'Here you will make a place for the winter;  and here you will travel west until you come to the valley of the Great Salt Lake!  You will build cities to the North and to the South, and to the East and to the West; and you will become a great and wealthy people in that land.  ***. You will live to see men arise in power in the Church who will seek to put down your friends and the friends of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ.  Many will be hoisted because of their money and the worldly learning which they seem to be in possession of;  and many who are the true followers of our Lord and Savior will be cast down because of their poverty.' " (Mosiah Hancock Journal, p. 19)

    "No endowments or blessings in the house of the Lord, no patriarchal blessings, no ordination to the Priesthood, can be taken away, once given.   To prevent a person for just cause from exercising the rights and privileges of acting in the offices of the Priesthood, may be and has been done, and the person so silenced still remain a member of the Church, but this does not take away from him any priesthood that he held." (Joseph F. Smith, Imp. Era. 11:466)

    "Persons sometimes say that they have enjoyed the spirit of the work as much since they were cut off as while the were in the Church.  Have they enjoyed the Spirit?  Yes.  Why?  Simply because they were wrongfully cut off.  They were cut off in such a way that it did not take the Spirit of God from them.  And the reason why they were cut off was because they did not come up to the particular standard of perfection of those who dealt with them, or they did not come up to their feelings.  Ihave heard of a man who was cut off because he would not believe that Adam was our Father and God.  'Well, was it not so?'  Its being so does not change the fact that we are sinners and need salvation, and such preaching does not help men and women to repent of their sins."  (Mill. Star 24:99)

    "After that he (John Taylor) talked for about an hour and then sat down and wrote the revelation which was given him by the Lord upon the question of Plural Marriage.  Then he talked to us for some time, and said,  'Some of you will be handled and ostracised and cast out from the Church by your brethren because of your faithfulness and integrity to this principle, and some of you may have to surrender your lives because of the same, but woe, woe, unto those who shall bring these troubles upon you.' "  (Statement by Lorin C. Woolley,  Questions on Plural Marriage,  Sennis R. Short, P. 67)


     "Similarly excommunication from the Church remove from a man every vestige of Priesthood power that he may have possessed.  ***  The Church and Preisthood are interwoven; when the Church is upon the earth neither can exist independently." (John A. Widtsoe,  Imp. Era. Sept. 1936)